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Sometimes it’s worth it to visit an exhebition another time and going to Cockatoo Island a second time was definitely the right decision. Over 50000 people already visited the place and everybody I talked to and saw on the island really enjoyed this happening. Coming week is the last chance to go, it finishes on the 11th of December.



Mask by Will Coles

Will Coles




ROA’s style is pretty outstanding and unique. His hugh murals mainly show animals painted in black and white. I first came across his work in Cologne, where I used to live and work for a couple of years. Later found out, that he is actually from Belgium, not far away from that city and is a world wide acting street artist. The video below shows him live painting at Cockatoo Island two weeks ago.

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The Crème de la Crème of Street Artists put up pieces on an island just a couple of minutes by ferry away from Circular Quay (Sydney, AU).

Cockatoo Island’s vast abandoned factories and intriguing forgotten alleyways are the perfect backdrop for projects showcasing the energy and diversity of Street Art. With OUTPOST PROJECT, visitors are able to see a huge range of Street Art in one location. And because of its dynamic and live nature, the art will change and evolve, giving visitors something different to see throughout the course of the festival. An event of this scale is the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

To see pictures of pieces from Anthony Lister, Kid Zoom, ROA, Bennet, Ears, Makatron, Stabs, Heesco, Junky Projects, Max Berry, Shannon Crees, Shida etc, please ckick below on one picture to start the gallery.

Facts: It’s for free via ferry ticket! Running until the 11th of November. More info on www.outpost.cockatooisland.gov.au.

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Street Art in Melbourne Part IIII

No words for that. Click on a picture to start the gallery.

Read more about Banksy’s time in Sydney and Melbourne:


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