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Melbourne Street Art IIIYarnbombed bycicle

The first time I saw a yarnbombed place was in Cologne. Three benches got covered like from a caring grandmother. Yarn Bombing is compared to the other Street Art movements a quite new one. Popular spots are bike racks, stairs, benches, statues, trees and lamp posts.

Recently I found in Melbourne a bike that got covered almoust all over. This yarnbombed bike is a beautiful example of guerilla knitting, but a lot more happened that day on Federationsquare. The 11th of June was actually the International Yarn Bombing day. Learning by doing, I guess. I figured out too late and arrived there, when they already finished the happening.

This very soft version of urban vandalism is appearing all around the world. Have a closer look around and may be you find sth nice, too.

On that day I didn’t find only Knitting Art, click on a picture below and the gallery with pictures of Paste Ups, Posters and Stencils will start.


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Melbourne Street Art Part I

Last weekend I found my first Banksy in Melbourne. I knew he visited the city some years ago, but I didn’t expect to find any of his rat stencils, as I heard people actually take them off the walls sometimes to sell them for much money or keep them.

Overwhelmed by this incredible feeling I took a lot of pictures and had a closer look around, more than I do anyway, and found a Swoon. Since I fellow Street Artists off- and online, she became my favorite. Her work is very different to the ‘average’ pieces you find in the streets. Caledonia Dance Curry alias Swoon specialized in life-size wheat-paste prints and paper cutouts of figures. 2010 she was invited by TED (Ideas worth spreading) to talk about her work. For me it’s very inspiring to hear her speak about how she wants to make a change and things happen.

The long weekend was not a shopping trip for me at all. I enjoyed the sunny weather, the beautiful cafes and the very good restaurants, the nightlife @Section 8 for example, and of course the Street Art. On Friday I found the first pieces on Degraves Street, on Saturday more next to Movida, on ACDC Lane and in the area around Brunswick and Chapel Street. Over all I took about 300 pictures.

I also found a very nice gallery on Brunswick Street, the panelpop. May be I get one of my pictures framed there some time.

I’ve come across the work of many different street artists in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Perth and Sydney, but Melbourne is some kind of different. It’s like everyone is enjoying the art in the streets and the pieces are welcomed. To find/see more Space Invaders, Stencils by the famous Banksy, pastes by Swoon and all the other pieces, like those from Be Free, Kaff-eine or Tresher was very special to me.

Hope to visit Melbourne very soon again! Thanks to Suzanne and the guy I met on Little Collin Street (sorry, forgot the name) for all the recommendations where to go!

@all: Please feel free to comment and tell who is who, as I cannot identify every piece… Thanks!

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