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Be Free’s works catched my attention the first time when I saw one of the Street Artist’s pieces near Federation Square in Melbourne. It showed a paste up of a girl playing cards, like most of his pieces. The motive (little girl), the colours (black/red), the location (negative space) and the different material (paper/cards) he uses are definitely an eye catcher.

When I came across his work I felt like I know this girl, it just seems very familiar and on the other hand like from out of space as well. It was touching to see the little kid in the corner of an house entrance, but not in a sad way. It made me feel very happy.

When I continued my trip to Brunswick and Smith Street I found more pieces and after a little research online I found this very interesting interview and video.

Be Free in Sydney











This last picture below wasn’t taken by me. It’s from another very nice blog, called Vetti: Live in Northcote

by http://vettiliveinnorthcote.wordpress.com/

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Street Art in Melbourne Part IIII

No words for that. Click on a picture to start the gallery.

Read more about Banksy’s time in Sydney and Melbourne:


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Melbourne Street Art IIIYarnbombed bycicle

The first time I saw a yarnbombed place was in Cologne. Three benches got covered like from a caring grandmother. Yarn Bombing is compared to the other Street Art movements a quite new one. Popular spots are bike racks, stairs, benches, statues, trees and lamp posts.

Recently I found in Melbourne a bike that got covered almoust all over. This yarnbombed bike is a beautiful example of guerilla knitting, but a lot more happened that day on Federationsquare. The 11th of June was actually the International Yarn Bombing day. Learning by doing, I guess. I figured out too late and arrived there, when they already finished the happening.

This very soft version of urban vandalism is appearing all around the world. Have a closer look around and may be you find sth nice, too.

On that day I didn’t find only Knitting Art, click on a picture below and the gallery with pictures of Paste Ups, Posters and Stencils will start.

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