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Street Art in Melbourne Part IIII

No words for that. Click on a picture to start the gallery.

Read more about Banksy’s time in Sydney and Melbourne:


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Melbourne Street Art Part II

It’s like finding hidden treasures when I discover a new piece of Street Art in a little alley, in a house entrance or above sth you wouldn’t see, when you only look at eye level. Often I realise not until reviewing the pictures the sophisticated messages, political statements or beauteousness of a place… more than when I am actually there. Weird. But however, that’s my addiction.

Of course I heard of the Street Art Culture before I went to Melbourne, but I didn’t know that the Melbourne City Council actually supports Street Art. It says “Do art, not tags” and I totally agree. When I saw Swoon’s work tagged by a Graffitti Sprayer I was really not amused. I know, that it’s part of the art process that Street Art get damaged or tagged, but in this special case it was sad to see. Luckily I found the life-size wheat-paste showing two hugging women which hasn’t been tagged yet.


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