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It’s been a while, sorry about that! My last post was in 2011 when I decided to switch to Facebook and not to reactivate my domain. So I have never stopped posting, but only used Facebook. My intention is to go back to blogging in a traditional way and to post on Facebook aditionally.

So here we go, I walked in a little cafe this morning and as I will travel to NY soon I read first The International New York Times. And guess what? On one of the first pages I read an article by the Aussie journalist Julia Baird about female street artists invading the male dominated street art scene.


Vexta, The Rocks, Sydney

The list on what I would love to see is very long, but now there is one more spot I will head to, the corner of Bowery and Houston. Apparently Street Artist Vexta, also from Down Under, put on a piece recently. So looking forward to seeing it. Hope it will last for a little… In 2011 she and other artists took part in a live painting session at The Rocks in Sydney and also participated at the Outpost Festival on Cockatoo Island. You can see her to your right ->

Stay tuned for more pictures, travel reports and specials on street artists.

For now I leave you with a quote from Baird’s The Writing Is on the Wall:
‘How many things can we say exist just for joy?’
Read more on nytimes.com

Vexta, Cockatoo Island, Sydney



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